Installing Magnet™ MED prior to the fruit maturation period is the key.

The species complex Ceratitis spp. are among the most damaging pests for fruit trees.
In just a few days, all your work can be lost.


By using Magnet™ MED at the recommended time, you can control the pests during the period in which the fruit is liable to be attacked, reducing the need to enter the field.

In agriculture, prevention is always an investment, never an expense

Pioneers in Attract-and-Kill control systems

Several years of research went into the development of Magnet ™ MED so that you can produce healthier fruit with less effort. We are experts in the control of the Ceratitis.

High efficiency, proven success

According to independent scientific studies, Magnet™ MED is more effective than trapping systems.

It killed 2.5 times more flies than the fly catcher trap, and 3.3 times more than the bottle

(Studies by Navarro – Llopis et al. UPV. 2019).

Convenient lightweight and compact design

» Placed with just a simple movement.

» Designed for efficient logistics, reducing the need to enter the field.

» The compact design makes transport and storage easier.

» 50-75 units per hectare.

For your profitability

Magnet™ MED increases profits by saving time and labor, while also reducing crop shortages. With Magnet™ MED, you win.

For sustainable farming

Magnet™ MED is a zero waste product.

» Suitable for organic farming.

»Protecting beneficial insects favoring ecological balance and secondary pest control.

»Safe handling. Magnet™ MED minimizes operator exposure to insecticide.

»Suterra is committed to a clean plot from start to finish. "Clean Orchard Promise™".

Magnet™ MED meets consumer demand: healthier fruit and less waste

Suterra: guarantees productivity and sustainability

We are the world leader in sustainable pest control and pioneers in R+D+I in over 30 countries. We create healthier environments by minimizing the use of conventional insecticides. We want to be your reference point and your ally in sustainable farming.

Share the Suterra commitment with us.