Proprietary technology
for use against the fruit fly

Magnet™ MED is the result of a great effort to offer the most convenient, safe, effective, and profitable system for the control of Ceratitis spp

A unique and brilliant idea

Ceratitis spp. are some of the most damaging fruit flies with regard to fruit growing.

Traditionally, chemical pest control has been used.  This strategy has been limited by its environmental consequences and market demands. Later on, mass trapping appeared, which is slow and cumbersome. And finally, Magnet™ Med arrived, a unique, efficient, and easy-to-handle product.  

Magnet™ MED started as a great idea inspired by nature. It works by attracting these insects (and only them!) to a device that is coated with insecticide. Deadly to the fruit fly with a singular encounter, there is no need to spray the trees.

Kills the most fruit flies

Magnet™ MED design combines attraction and insecticide to kill the fruit flies.  

·· Not all products are the same.

·· Magnet™ MED is several times more effective for killing flies than bottle traps or fly catcher traps.

Protects crops for longer

Magnet™ MED is designed to remain effective 6 months.

·· Weather resistant, effectiveness not impacted by sun or rain.

·· Compatible with frequent spray applications.

·· Combats the fruit fly before, during, and after harvest.

Highly profitable

Magnet™ MED is easy and quick to install, which saves labor. 

·· It is compact and very easy to carry.  

·· Its hook makes placing it on the tree easier.  

·· You save time and money.

Safe and zero waste

Magnet™ MED acts exclusively on the fruit fly.

·· Suitable for organic farming.

·· No waste at harvest.

·· Respects useful fauna.

·· Requires minimal handling.

Independent studies show the effectiveness of Magnet™Med system