Using Magnet™ MED
for full effectiveness

Below you will find a brief guide including the most frequently asked questions posed by other growers.

Magnet™Med is coated with Deltamethrin. This insecticide acts mainly on
contact. It has a quick knockdown effect which paralyzes the fruit fly at first and kills it after a few minutes.

Suterra recommends using 50 units per hectare for less sensitive varieties of citrus fruits or 75 units for other crops.

Magnet™Med is the most easy-to-use device on the market. It should be placed on the sunniest side of the tree near the tree-top at a height of between 1.5 and 2m. To minimize the risk of detachment, it is advisable to place it on a strong branch of about 1 or 2cm in diameter.

It is recommended to distribute the Magnet™Med units as evenly as possible to cover the entire surface of the plot. The more irregular they are, the lower its protection capacity will be.

Increasing the number of units beyond the maximum recommended dose does not lead to significantly higher effects on crop protection. The reinforcement of field borders does not achieve this effect either.

Applying 50 units of Magnet™ MED  to a flat hectare of citrus trees takes approximately 20 minutes.

Magnet™ Med lasts effectively for at least 6 months from application. It should be done at least 60 days before the fruit is sensitive to biting in order to take preventative action and maximize the effectiveness of the product. The right month for placing the product, in most situations in the northern hemisphere, is June; while in the southern hemisphere it is November.

Once its container is opened, the product must be used and cannot be stored for later use. Magnet™ MED is designed for single use, and it is in these conditions that it offers its best features. It is advisable to keep the product in the same crop after harvesting to restrain the growth of future pest populations on the plot.

Yes, provided that the product is unopened and kept in its original container. Do not use this product after its expiration date. Store it in a cool and dry place.

Suterra creates its products under the strictest quality control procedures. Just as any other contact pesticide, the product begins to work immediately after application. Its effect always lasts for more than 6 months. The possible need to carry out other treatments for the control of fruit flies must be based on appropriate monitoring and survey methodologies in the framework of Integrated Pest Management.  Magnet™ MED is not different from any other pesticide or trap in this regard.

Monitoring is one of the fundamental aspects of Integrated Pest Management, regardless of the control tools used. It is advisable to monitor Ceratitis spp. in monitoring traps using food-type dry baits.This will provide more information on population of females and therefore on the risk of damage to the fruits.

Control strategies should be planned before the season starts and be implemented during that season. The decision of what specific actions to take and when to apply them will depend on the catch in monitoring traps, taking into context the circumstances and history of the farm. The most decisive information comes from recognizing fruit damage signs. Like any other control method, Magnet™ MED is a tool within Integrated Pest Management.

There is always a possibility of attracting other specimens from the areas bordering the treatment zone, especially in cases of high external pressures and small plots that are not integrated in a joint action plan to control the pest. In most cases, the entry of pests from outside the plot is caused by the attraction of the fruit itself or by natural movements of the population to more favorable areas for its development.

There are no attacked fruits on trees (plants) with Magnet™ MED than on trees (plants) without Magnet™ MED. This does not mean that the fruit on the trees with the product do not get stung. If this occurs, it will probably be a case of very high pest pressure and/or poor complementary management with delayed actions.

The special formulation of Magnet™ MED allows it to maintain its effectiveness for at least 6 months under real field conditions in a wide variety of situations. This includes areas with high sun exposure, abundant rain, and frequent spray applications of all kinds of phytosanitary products.

Magnet™ MED contains deltamethrin on the outside. Phytosanitary products must always be used according to the instructions on their label.

Like any product with toxic action, it is capable of promoting the creation of resistant populations. All insecticide products, including those based on pyrethroids, have this characteristic.

Magnet™ MED is approved for use in organic farming according to EU Directive 889/2008. and in most of the organic regulation.

At the moment, its effectiveness has only been demonstrated in the genus Ceratitis (C. capitata, C. cosyra, C. rosa and C. quilicii) and some species of the genus  Anastrepha (South American fruit flies). It is known to be ineffective against Olive fruit fly.